Who Should Play ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Governor?

Friday, February 3 by

News broke yesterday that John Hawkes (Martha Marcy May Marlene, Winter’s Bone, Eastbound & Down) was in the running to play The Governor on The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out.

For those unfamiliar with the comic, The Governor is the worst villain in the series run. Evil incarnate. It’s awesome that the character will be on the show, however, it seems a bit soon in the mythology to bring him in. Though Walking Dead could use s creative jolt, and this storyline is a good way to do that.

But John Hawkes doesn’t need to play the part. In fact, there are several guys creepy enough (or who are at least able to grow a cool goatee) to pull it off. In no particular order, these are those guys. (via The Wrap)

Tom Savini

There are so many reasons why this role should go to Savini. First, he broke the news about John Hawkes. Second, he loves zombies. Third, the guy was seemingly modeled after him. However, it seems like Savini wasn’t taking the hint when The Walking Dead producers were trying to let him down soft. Whereas Savini is great in schlocky over-the-top genre films, his acting might not be “just wooden enough” for The Walking Dead.

Daniel Buran

Daniel Buran could take this role, hold it captive, and slowly torture it. He proved this with his largely underused role on True Blood last season. Also, check out the physical resemblance. The characters of werewolf pack leader Marcus and the Governor have a lot of crossover. If he’s up for the typecasting, this could and should be his.

Danny Trejo

I don’t really see Danny Trejo as getting this role but wouldn’t it be cool? Problem is, Danny Trejo is far too badass and outwardly scary. Though incredibly evil, the Governor is a nuanced character whose shady intentions must remain ambiguous for a time. It’s hard to be charmed by someone with such a rough exterior.

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