With all of the new and improved MacIntosh products on the market, you might find yourself wondering what is Apple TV. Apple TV is a digital media receiver in a very small package just about 4" wide x 4" long x 1" tall with the teeniest remote ever (just about 4" long x 1" wide and 1/8" thick). In direct competition with Roku, Logitech Revue Plus, and the WD TV Live Plus, an Apple TV will set you back right about $100 but it is well worth the money. You must have internet, though, for an Apple TV to work. The below article details the menus on the Apple TV.

Under the Apple TV Movies menu, you will find "Top Movies," "Genres," "Search," and "In Theaters." Under "Top Movies", most movies can be rented from $1.99 to $4.99. The "Genres" category has different types of movies from which you can search, such as Drama, Comedy, and others. Although "In Theaters" sounds like you could rent movies currently in theaters, that's not true. You'll only see short previews of any movie currently in the theater here.

Under the Apple TV "TV Shows" menu, you'll find a listing of "Top TV Show" and "TV networks." You'll also find the "Genres" and "Search" features available here. This is the perfect place to go if you missed an episode of your favorite TV show. Most shows are $.99 per episode.

The next menu on the Apple TV is the "Internet" menu. Here, you can surf over to Netflix, YouTube, Podcasts, MobileMe, Flickr, and even listen to the radio. If you're got nothing to do, surfing around this menu can waste a few hours. The radio is a particularly nice feature as you can have uninterrupted College/University, Comedy, Alternative Rock and Hip Hop radio playing. This feature makes Pandora a thing of the past.

Under the "Computers" menu, you can link into any computer on your network. This allows you to use your big screen TV as a computer monitor. You can also share movies or anything else on your computer's har drive.

Finally, the Apple TV has the "Settings" menu. Here, you can customize your screensaver or put your Apple to sleep. You can also adjust audio and video qualities. If you prefer to turn off the home sharing feature, just go to the "Computer" section and, poof, it's gone.

- Lori Burdoo