We Cast ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Professional Athletes

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Ned Stark = Norv Turner

game of thrones sports stars

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, you can’t avoid being completely and utterly crapped on in the end.  So goes the careers of the noble Ned Stark and the accomplished Norv Turner, two men with long histories on the battlefield, without their many honors remembered when it counts.

You have to play dirty in these realms if you want to make it anywhere and these two fellas have been played like fools.  I wonder who the Littlefinger whispering in Turner’s ear was…no matter now.  His army of Chargers was too weak, just like Stark’s guard, and now winter has come too soon for Turner and Stark.  Perhaps they’re character’s aren’t one in the same, but we already know that Ser Ilyn Payne will be coming for Turner’s head at the end of this season.

Peyton Manning = Bran Stark

game of thrones sports stars

Both Peyton and Bran are important figures in their respective worlds, but at the current time, both are completely useless due to injuries. There are also rumors of a trade for Peyton. There might also be a trade in the works for Bran, but I’m not sure, because I haven’t finished reading Clash of Kings.

Ronny Turiaf = Khal Drogo

game of thrones sports stars

Martin’s unabashed love and devotion for New York teams brings us to his inspiration for the Khal Drogo character. Ronny Turiaf is a bloodrider on the New York Knicks, with their Khal being Carmelo Anthony. Drogo and Ronny are big, gruff, braided and tatooed boys who have had their share of battle wounds. Turiaf has already weathered an open-heart surgery, and Drogo’s battle scars are numerous, with his most recent being fatal. Whilst Turiaf’s team hasn’t had as much success pillaging as Drogo and his band of riders, it looks like this Khalasar has promise. Perhaps Turiaf just needs to find the right Khaleesi to be his inspiration.

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