Watch TV Shows Online Free

Saturday, August 6 by Jessica Fletcher

These websites where you can watch TV shows online for free can help you lower or even eliminate your cable bill. If you want an alternative to expensive prices, you may want to consider these great options to watch TV online. Each of these free websites provide a great range of TV episodes every day.

  1. Hulu This website is an extremely popular site that allows you to watch TV shows online for free. Hulu offers a range of TV shows including "Pretty Little Liars," "Family Guy" and "The Colbert Report." After a day of aired episodes, they are placed on the site for you to stream free of charge.
  2. Amazon If you are an Amazon Prime member, there are numerous options to watch TV shows online for free. The Prime membership gives you access to much loved TV shows including "Downtown Abbey," "Doctor Who" and BBC's "The Office." There are numerous TV shows you can enjoy free or for an additional charge as a new feature to the Amazon Prime membership.
  3. The WB This is a great place to watch free TV shows online for free. Many past and current shows are available for you to stream free of charge. You can watch episodes of "Friends," "Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic" and "Pushing Daisies." These superior shows and many more are available with rotating episodes for you to watch.
  4. FOX This website has a range of Fox-produced TV shows, allowing you to view many of TV's favorites. Included on this site are episodes of "Glee," "House," "American Dad" and "Family Guy." With this selection of great shows this site is one of the best places where you can watch TV shows online for free.
  5. This site allows you to watch recent episodes of some of the most loved TV shows. From "Pretty Little Liars" to "Greek," this website has suspenseful and funny shows that will keep you hooked each week. This is truly a great place to watch TV shows online free.
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  1. August 6, 2011 8:10 pm

    Megan Brody

     Another alternative are software services like the TVDevo website . It offers a pretty wide range of TV shows and some live tv. Updates to the Show Guide on each program restart.  For full length movies, it’s not the best choice, but the tv shows and on-demand broadcasts are good.

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