The Urban Dictionary describes a bromance as "the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males." Based on that definition, the bromance has been a fixture of TV plot lines throughout the ages. From the very genesis of television to right up to the present day, straight-male characters have forged uncomfortably close bonds right before our eyes, leaving little doubt that Americans love a good bromance. As a tribute to this platonic on-screen man love, and in honor of the renewal of Franklin and Bash, I present to you the following 25 TV bromances.

The 1950's


Jack Benny & Rochester Van Jones - The Jack Benny Program

Jack Benny is a miserly boss who doles out days off like he was dispensing gold nuggets. Rochester Van Jones is a smart ass who doesn't do his job if he doesn't feel like it. On paper, the relationship is doomed from the start. But Benny inexplicably keeps Rochester employed despite being constantly ridiculed, and Rochester seems content with his job despite the low wages. He even hangs out at Benny's house on his days off. I don't know about you, but the idea of hanging out with my boss on the weekend seems like a fate worse than death. Obviously, there's a bromance brewing between the two.

Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton - The Honeymooners

Ralph and Ed are one of the earliest bromances on television. Physically, the two don't have a lot in common, but dig a little deeper, and you'll discover that the pair are two peas in a pod. They both work for the city, they both have smart-ass wives, and they both are members of the Raccoon Lodge. These bros were practically made for each other. In fact, considering they are fictional characters, they actually were made for each other.

Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz - I Love Lucy

Ricky and Fred aren't really bros by choice. But by virtue of their awful wives, they are forced into a bromance. While it might be one of the weaker examples on the list, these two definitely fit the mold. After all, with Lucy and Ethel off pulling stupid shit at the candy factory, all they have is each other.

The 1960's


Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble - The Flintstones

Since The Honeymooners made the list, The Flintstones do too by default. Fred and Barney were based off Jackie Gleason and Art Carney, who both starred in The Honeymooners. As far as the bromance is concerned, how else do you explain the fact that Fred and Barney chose to hang out with each other instead of their smoking hot wives?

Andy Taylor and Barney Fife - The Andy Griffith Show

Andy and Barney were an unlikely pair, but never forget the appeal of a man in uniform. That fact aside, the two put their lives in each other's hands on a daily basis while patrolling the mean streets of Mayberry. That alone is enough to forge a close bond between two dudes.

Gilligan and The Skipper - Gilligan's Island

Gillian and the Skipper (a.k.a. Jonas Grumby) were close before they became stranded on an uncharted desert isle. A captain and his first mate are almost in a bromance by default. But after spending years together on a rock, the relationship between the Skipper and his "little buddy" was only strengthened. Granted, it wasn't always smooth sailing, as evidenced by the Skipper's violent outbursts, but at the end of the day, neither Ginger or Mary Ann could come between these two bros.

Dan Rowan and Dick Martin - Laugh-In

This bromance has the distinction of being the only non-fictitious example on the list. These two were so bromatically involved that they created a show together. The result was Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, a groundbreaking sketch-comedy series that paved the way for shows like Saturday Night Live, Mr. Show, and The Human Giant.

The 1970's


Benjamin Pierce and B.J. Hunnicut - M*A*S*H

The relationship between Pierce and Hunnicut has become the archetype for most of the bromances we see on television today. When not at work, the two spend all their free time together drinking, playing pranks, and trying to bang nurses. But at the end of the day, no woman will ever come between them.

Arthur Fonzarelli and Richie Cunningham - Happy Days

The bromance between Richie and The Fonz is every parent's nightmare. You want your son to come home with a nice, clean-cut young man, not some filthy ginzo greaser from the wrong side of town. But despite the fact that the TV show took place in the 1950's, the Cunningham family was very tolerant of Richie's unconventional bromance. They eventually went as far as to let the Fonz rent out a room at their home. How progressive.

Starsky and Hutch

As with most buddy-cop shows, a bromance is almost required. But given the sweet 70's hairstyles and kick-ass clothing, there was little room for doubt that this relationship would blossom into something more than just a workplace acquaintance. Now, if only Huggy Bear could find a nice bro to settle down with.

The 1980's


Kip Wilson and Henry Desmond - Bosom Buddies

The plot of Bosom Buddies involves two friends who are forced to live their lives in drag so they can rent an apartment at the inexpensive Susan B. Anthony "Women's Only" hotel. As far as I'm concerned, teaming up with a friend to live your life as a woman goes beyond bromance. On another note, The Burbs aside, this is Tom Hanks' finest performance.

Jonathan Baker and Llewelyn "Ponch" Poncherello - CHiPs

In CHiPs, Ponch and Baker have a bromance that just won't quit. But behind the scenes, there was trouble in paradise. The two were constantly butting heads, and as a result, Baker eventually left the show. I guess that makes their on-screen bromancing all the more special.

James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs - Miami Vice

When it comes to bromance, they don't get much tighter than Crockett and Tubbs. Two dudes cruising around Miami in a convertible while wearing pastel-colored clothing is about as close to gay as you can get without actually having homosexual sex. And isn't that what a bromance is all about? Don't answer that.

Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer - The Wonder Years

Kevin and Paul are the youngest bros on the list, but the fact that their bromance started at such an early age is a testament to its strength. In the end, not even a fine piece like Winnie Cooper could come between this pair, although God knows she tried.

Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci - Quantum Leap

Before Sam Beckett became stranded in the past, he and Al were already the best of friends. And after Sam's time travel experiment went haywire, Al refused to abandon his friend. In every episode, Calavicci served as Sam's link with the present, and helped him to navigate his way through various events of the past. And when Sam was given an option to leap anywhere he wanted, he went back to the early 70's to warn Al's wife not to remarry since her husband was still alive in a P.O.W. camp. Now that's true bromance.

The 1990's


Beavis and Butt-Head - Beavis and Butt-Head

These two juvenile delinquents have about as much chance of landing a woman as this article does of winning a Pulitzer. That said, at least the pair has each other.

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing - Friends

Joey and Chandler have no shortage of women in their lives. However, for most of the series, the pair is happier living together and acting like assholes than they are finding a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex. Then again, in Chaldler's case, I sort of understand. If my best option was Janice, I could see why a bromance would be preferable.

Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza - Seinfeld

George and Jerry might be the greatest bromance on this list. Both men are able to land inexplicably hot women, yet both would rather spend their time arguing about mundane topics like Superman and salsa. In the end, the two have plenty of opportunities to take their bromance to the next level, as both are sentenced to serve time in the same prison during the final episode.

2000 to the Present


Wild Bill Hickock and Charlie Utter - Deadwood

Most bromances are equal partnerships in which both bros share the same feelings for one another. But in Deadwood, the bromance between Wild Bill Hickock and Charlie Utter seems a little one sided. In fact, Hickock begins a second bromance with Seth Bullock, and makes no attempt to conceal it from Charlie. But ultimately, the situation works itself out, and Hickock is shot in the back of the head while playing cards. All's well that ends well.

Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh - Battlestar Galactica

Of all the bromances on this list, this one might be the strongest. (Spoiler Alert) If you found out your bro was actually a robot who was planted amongst humans as part of a plan to destroy your civilization, you'd probably end the friendship. But these two somehow find a way to make things work. Now that's dedication.

Larry David and Jeff Greene - Curb Your Enthusiasm

How close are Jeff and Larry? In an episode where Jeff fears he may die during surgery, he sends Larry over to his home to retrieve his porn collection so it won't be found by his family. Conversely, when Larry is accused of groping Jeff's mom's breast, Jeff does all he can to defuse the situation rather than pummeling Larry into a bloody pulp.

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement - Flight Of The Conchords

Bret and Jemaine are two small-town shepherds who move to New York in order to make it as folk singers. If you spend all your time herding sheep with another man, you are in a de facto bromance. The rules also apply if you are part of a folk duo. Although in all fairness, there is no guarantee that the bromance will last (see Simon and Garfunkel).

Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes - Community

When Troy and Abed are both infatuated with the same woman, Troy ends up winning out. However, he ends up not going out with the girl in question because he can't figure out why she didn't choose to be with Abed. Besides, who needs a girlfriend when you've got a bro whose always down to play video games and build mega-forts?

Dilly and Krunk - Tim & Eric: Awesome Show Great Job!

Although Tim and Eric have a stong bromance in their own right, I chose to focus on the characters of Dilly and Krunk, a.k.a The Beaver Boys. These two love the ladies, but as long as they have each other, as well as steady stream of shrimp and white wine, they're more than content. Beaver Bros. before hos.

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash - Franklin and Bash

Although this show is still in its infancy, Franklin and Bash are showing all the traits of a classic bromance. And now that the show has been renewed for a second season, we'll get to see it develop even further. Actually, I'm only going to watch if my boss makes me. After writing this list, I hope I never see another bromance again.