Too Soon: 9 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

Wednesday, August 24 by


This canceled series has done the near-impossible, enjoyed success after cancellation. Not quite to the degree that Star Trek has enjoyed, this space western created by Joss Whedon was retired after eleven of its fourteen produced episodes aired in Fox’s doomed-at-the-time Friday night death slot. Thanks to strong DVD sales, the series continued on the big screen with the film Serenity, which failed to make a dent at the box office.

The Dana Carvey Show

Riding high from his successes on SNL and the Wayne’s World films, Dana Carvey wasn’t quite ready for prime-time. The series opened with the sketch above featuring Bill Clinton breastfeeding via his multiple nipples. This proved to be a bad move as it scared off its mismatched lead-in audience from Home Improvement. It’s too bad that ABC didn’t realize what they had with a cast and writing staff that included Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Robert Smigel, Jon Glaser, Louis C.K., Charlie Kaufman, and Spike Feresten.

Arrested Development

What can I say? Fox strikes again. Despite six Emmy awards, a Golden Globe, a cult following, critical praise from all over, and being listed by Time magazine as one of the “100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME,” the network still shuffled the program up and down the schedule and failed to promote. Thus, the beloved show didn’t grow in the ratings. The temultuous relationship between the show and network ended bitterly when Fox aired the final four episodes in an unpromoted two-hour block opposite the opening of the 2006 Winter Games. Last I checked, the 2006 Winter Games aren’t on everyone’s movie adaptation wishlist. In the meantime, we wait.

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