We all want to time travel at some point in our lives. That’s just a fact. Imagine where you could go; back to watch Jesus’s crucifixion, the signing of the declaration of Independence, or Marilyn Monroe in the shower. Of course cinematic adventures through time and space have gone from the great, “Back to the Future" (all three) to the not so great, 2002’s “ The Time Machine.”  But what about television's attempts at depicting a dart through space and time? Here are four time travel shows that will leave you paradoxed.


“Quantum Leap”

When Dr Sam Beckett’s experiment goes wrong he finds himself unhinged from time and starts to randomly jump from decade to decade for no reason. Sam then inhabits a body and has to change that person’s life whilst also trying to get back to his original timeline. It boggles the mind a little, but it's classic 80's viewing.



The British response to “Heroes” is umpteen times better despite the fact that it doesn’t have Hayden Panettiere starring in it. Curtis is the character who can rewind time, but he doesn’t actually have that great a control over it and it only occurs when he feels excessively guilty. Watch the show to find out. It’s awesome.


“Life on Mars”

Once again the British trump the Americans with another mesmerizing take on the time-traveling drama that sees Detective Sam Tyler transported back to 1970 when he's hit by a car.  Sounds crazy but it’s not. An American remake was swiftly canceled because it was so bad, but the UK version is simply sensational.


“Dr. Who”

The ultimate time-travel show and the uninitiated have a lot of catching up to do. Having been on air for over 50 years now it has pretty much been everywhere and seen everyone, and even though there have been eleven previous incarnations of the lovable Doctor he is still as watchable as ever. The vast array of beautiful assistants helps too.