The Strangest Addictions From TLCs My Strange Addiction

Friday, February 10 by
They should call this show "Touched By An Uncle." 

TLC‘s My Strange Addiction returns this Sunday at 10 EST/PST. The show has proven to be a treasure trove of Hey! WTF?! In its run we’ve met numerous people who put their lives at risk with their bizarre compulsions, like eating statues and showering upside down. Is it sad? Is it exploitative? Well, yes. It’s TLC. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. In fact, one might say the show is…. addicting. But then that person would deserve to have a football hucked at their groin.

**side-steps football**
**blasted in head by potato gun**


So kick back, relax, lick some paper clips and check out this collection of My Strange Addiction’s Strangest Addictions.

Lori Sleeps With Hair Dryer

This segment features Lori, a woman that likes to have the calming breeze of a hair dryer pointed at her at all times. Even while sleeping. This poor, poor, excessively dry woman. If only there were an invention that could help with this dependence. I’m sure she’d be a “fan” of it.

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