The Muppets On WWE Raw And 8 Other Ill-Advised TV Guest Appearances

Monday, November 7 by

Robert Loggia in this commercial

Kids fuckin’ love and trust Robert Loggia. I had no idea.

Boy George on The A-Team

One homoerotic cultural phenomenon meets another. This scene seems to be little more than a TV show capitalizing on the popular music of the day, but as time marches on, and Culture Club is no longer contemporary, we’re left wondering if Mr. T was tapping his fool in time with the song.

Pitiful, indeed.

Bob Dylan on Dharma and Greg

This appearance kicked off the official “Is Bob Dylan past his prime (and possibly senile)?” discussion. I vote yes to both counts. It’s unclear to me, with all the shows out there, why he landed on Dharma and Greg. Maybe he was just waiting to be asked, and they asked him. Sure, in 1999 there wasn’t the glut of great television there is now, but he could have played an inmate on Oz. Shit. Even an appearance at the Peach Pit would have more dignity attached to it than a musical number with Dharma on drums.

He had just released the critically acclaimed Time out of Mind a year before. It’s looking like that was the beginning of the end for Mr. Zimmerman.

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