Arrested Development helped propel many of its cast members to stardom and paved the way for exciting new work opportunities. But every project can't be as original and hilarious as the groundbreaking comedy series. And whether it be for art or commerce, cast members have had to take on a few roles in lesser projects since the sitcom's demise.

Here's a rundown of the cast's most embarrassing post-Arrested Development projects.

Jason Bateman - The Ex

Jason Bateman kicked off his career of appearing in every comedy known to man with a co-starring role in The Ex. Here he plays the wheelchair-bound tormentor to Zack Braff, who believes Bateman has designs on his wife. This also kicks off the beginning of Bateman's raunchy, gross out comedy. I like the part where he falls down.

Michael Cera- Paper Heart

The pseudo-documentary/hipster fart smell-a-thon Paper Heart helped transform Michael Cera from the awkward teen on Arrested Development to awkward teen in everything. Now a household name, Cera has taken roles in some pretty interesting projects... interesting in the aspect that people somehow enjoy them.

Will Arnett - Let's Go To Prison

Written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, Let's Go To Prison was one of the darkest, craziest scripts in Hollywood. Though considered a must-read around town, no studio was brave enough to actually make it. With Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk in the director's chair, Let's Go To Prison should have been hilarious. However, after much studio interference, it went from being the craziest film ever to just something that kinda happened.

David Cross - Alvin and the Chipmunks

Why describe this project when David Cross himself has already weighed in on the matter...

"I am not stupid nor unobservant. I knew going into this movie that I would be eating a lot of delicious s--t for it. Usually I wouldn't give a s--t about what everyone's feelings are about it, but I wasn't prepared for the level, or amount I should say, of vitriol that's been flung about like so much monkey poo."

Alia Shawkat - Deck the Halls

I don't know what's creepier about this trailer. The scene where Matthew Broderick mistakenly gets aroused by and hits on his own daughter, or Matthew Broderick's imitation of what it sounds like to hit on a woman.

Portia de Rossi - Nip/Tuck

I'm lead to believe that the offers didn't pour in for Portia de Rossi due to the fact she made the questionable decision to take a recurring role on Nip/Tuck. Watching Nip/Tuck is like watching softcore porn without the nudity or script cohesion. Then you take those results and run them through the One Tree Hill acting filter.

Jeffrey Tambor - Superhero Movie

Jeffrey Tambor has probably worked the most since Fox aired the final episode. With 46 recent credits to his name, he's turned up in just about everything made since then, including Superhero Movie. He should be a little more careful which roles he agrees to take. Don't believe me? Ask Eugene Levy.

Jessica Walter - Unaccompanied Minors

Jessica Walter's Lucille Bluth was one of the stronger characters on that show. It's a shame that she didn't land a role on par with Lucille until Archer debuted. Instead she just popped up here and there taking the roles that Wendy Malick wasn't available for.

Tony Hale - Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Yeah. Tony Hale must be counted amongst those most excited for the return of Arrested Development. He and that kid who played c, that is.

Justin Lee - Shredderman Rules!

See what I mean?

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