The Kimmy Gibbler Effect: 7 TV Neighbors Everyone Secretly Hated

Tuesday, December 27 by John Coon

Cosmo Kramer

kramer seinfeld.jpg

Being a successful stand-up comedian, you would assume Jerry Seinfeld could afford to change the locks to keep out his eccentric neighbor across the hall on “Seinfeld.” Kramer did everything to become a neighbor from hell. He barged into Jerry’s apartment at all hours, ate all of his food, brought unwelcome guests and used virtually anything belonging to Jerry. His big mouth also ruined many relationships for Jerry and other characters.

Glen Quagmire


In a cartoon filled with sexually deviant characters like “Family Guy,” Quagmire is the king of sexual deviants. It is impossible to find someone or something that does not turn him on. There is no reason someone like that should be anyone’s neighbor, except to the other deviants down the row in the cell block of the local prison.

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