The Kimmy Gibbler Effect: 7 TV Neighbors Everyone Secretly Hated

Tuesday, December 27 by John Coon

Wilson Wilson Jr.


Here is your basic “Home Improvement” plot: Tim gets in trouble with Jill for doing something stupid. Tim then runs to next-door neighbor Wilson for advice. He uses that advice to make amends. Problem solved. Wilson started out as a normal neighbor, but grew tiresome when the producers went to ridiculous lengths to cover up the bottom half of his face and gave him all sorts of outlandish hobbies and interests. Wilson could have used some advice on how to act a little more normal.

Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders.jpg

It might seem like Homer Simpson would be the neighbor from Hell in “The Simpsons” universe considering all of his antics. But at least with Homer you could hang out and watch a football game with him on the weekend. Flanders? His tendency to wear his religion on his sleeve at all times would bother the most devout Christians eventually. It is hard to sympathize with Flanders enduring life with Homer when you see his puritanical approach to everything else, especially his children Rod and Todd.

Marie Barone


You had to wonder if the everyone in “Everyone Loves Raymond” included his wife Debra. For nine seasons, her character had to deal with living next door to mother-in-law from hell. Marie Barone was the best at dropping passive-aggressive insults in a calculated effort to make Debra’s life miserable. It proved annoying enough that viewers would not have blamed Debra for divorcing Raymond just to get away from his parents.

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