"The Inbetweeners" is the greatest British export since "The Office." Some might deem this to be a hyperbolic statement but the show's quirky, relatable and lovable humor is immediately engaging and compelling, with the exploits of Will, Simon, Jay and Neil making you long to be bullied in high school once again. Maybe not but you get the gist. The show created a humongous stir with it's first two seasons to the extent that it's writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley decided to create an "Inbetweeners" movie that has since gone on to earn close to £50 million in the UK alone, a comedy record. Here are some details on "The Inbetweeners" cast, so make sure you free up some time to catch up with these losers.

Will McKenzie played by Simon Bird. The show's lead character and narrator, Will, is a posh buffoon who has had to leave his prestigious private education to be taught at this public school. Will is constantly ridiculed for carrying a briefcase around with him and believes his intelligence should be applauded by his fellow school chums, who surprisingly, disagree.

Simon Cooper played by Joe Thomas. Arguably the coolest member of the foursome, Simon is able to interact with the girl of his dreams, Carly, but constantly ends up making a fool of himself. Simon also hates his parents, and his yellow car is mocked mercilessly throughout the series.

Jay Cartwright played by James Buckley. An offensive liar, Jay is the member of the group who leads the others into harm's way, then ducks out before the punishment begins. A prolific masturbator, almost everything Jay utters has been made up. But in a strange way he is still lovable.

Neil Sutherland played by Blake Harrison. A tremendous moron, the fact that Neil isn't yet dead by his own hand is one of God's greatest miracles. Jay, Simon and Will mock Neil constantly, but the gangly idiot is always up for participating in their gruesome antics.