The 9 Goriest Kills From ‘The Walking Dead’

Thursday, October 13 by

Running Decapitation

In the final moments of an episode essentially void of badass zombie kills, Daryl eagerly picks up the slack by running up to a zombie and lopping its head off. He could have just pushed it over and let the explosion he was fleeing do the work for him, but he didn’t. He WANTED to cut a zombie’s head off. It’s that painstaking pride in his craftsmanship that makes his character so lovable.

Rick Kills Zombie With An Axe

The axe to the head proved to be very effective against the geeks that swarm Rick and Glenn. Not only does the axe serve several functions (chopping wood, breaking locks, housing zombies, etc.) but it also looks awesome! When the impending zombie apocalypse arrives (stop lying to yourselves), I’m definitely making sure one of these bad boys is in my arsenal.

Carol Kills Dead Ed With a Pickaxe

After an unhappy marriage, Carol lets her abusive husband, Ed, know how she really feels. She does so by reducing his undead head to mush with a pickaxe. Over and over again. And then over some more. And damn, how do they get away with this on television?

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