The 9 Goriest Kills From ‘The Walking Dead’

Thursday, October 13 by

How do you kill something that’s already dead? The most violent way possible is the preferred method on The Walking Dead. With the show set to return for a second season this Sunday at 9pm EST on AMC, we’re anticipating more badass violence and zombie kills. And frankly, we can’t wait.

On a show that doesn’t pull any punches in the gore department, the kills and special effects can only get more impressive. Let’s salute the goriest moments from the first season as we look forward to being grossed out by season two.

Little Girl Headshot

The series began with the protagonist, Rick, being forced to put a bullet into the brain of an undead child. I think the series really made its intentions clear in those opening moments.

Zombie Shot Through Fence

This unfortunate soul was put out of its misery with a Colt pressed against its forehead. The resultant spray of blood, bone, and brain was pretty severe, especially since this was a mercy kill.

Baseball Bat to the Dome

The severe squishification of heads via baseball bat has always been reserved for mafia dramas and that one really weird episode of Leave It to Beaver. Those days are over thanks to the advent of zombies of television, and a new day has dawned!

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