Picking a boyfriend is a tricky ordeal. Maybe you are attracted to strong men with many muscles, who have the capability to lift a car clear over their head. Or you like your man to be funny and able to charm the pants off the Queen of England. Or you could be a picky individual who wants their man to be a combination of all of the above. TV, it seems, is full of these hyper-idealized guys, but for every good guy on TV there has to be at least one bad boyfriend as well. After all, what's TV without a little duality?

Sam Malone, "Cheers."

Before settling down with Diane, and then once again with Rebecca after Diane's exodus, Sam was one of the most sexually active television characters ever. His string of partners came to a head when Sam eventually had to seek counseling for his addiction. Way before Michael Douglas made it cool, too. He was a trend setter that way. Being a total womanizer definitely will make you one of the worst TV boyfriends.

Dawson Leery, "Dawson's Creek."

It wasn't that Dawson treated his girlfriends with contempt, or even vaguely threatened them with spousal abuse, in fact it was the complete opposite, Dawson cared too much about how good a boyfriend he was. He was always checking up on her actions and believed that love was the cure to everything. His overly-affectionate approach would be good at first, but wouldn't you get tired of this guy constantly hounding you? Even if he is totally handsome.

Leonard Hofstadter, "The Big Bang Theory."

Much like Dawson, Leonard is obsessed with how good a boyfriend is to the obscenely hot girlfriend he possesses. And rather than it coming across as cutesy and wholesome, it is just annoying and soon enough Leonard is single again playing D&D with his nerd friends. A situation that he probably prefers, actually. This is more proof that too much affection can be a bad thing!

Leo McGarry, "The West Wing."

Leo is so loyal to President Bartlett that he even abandons his marriage to his wife so that Martin Sheen's character can have a successful campaign. However, the silly sausage told his wife this same information and she soon showed him the door in retaliation. Why couldn't he just lie to her for the remainder of their lives? Idiot. It's one thing to be career-minded, it's another thing to torpedo your relationship over it.

The Russian, "Sex and the City."

Samantha, Carrie et al were never the luckiest in love. But Carrie's Russian boyfriend was probably the worst scoundrel that they ever encountered. First, he only referred to Carrie as his "lover" and showed no sympathy to Samantha when she was diagnosed with cancer. A bad, bad man. But we all know that women are a sucker for a sweet accent, right?

Chuck Bass, "Gossip Girl."

A professional womanizer if ever there was one, Chuck has lied, cheated and stolen from many of his lovers, even abandoning Blair for another beau moments before they were due to head out to Italy. He is one man that you don't want to introduce to your parents, because he'd probably hit on your Mum and rob your Dad. Not a good first impression.

Seth Cohen, "The O.C."

Seth was always regarded as a sweety-pie, but he had a dark streak which saw him abandon his girlfriend Summer in favor of a boating trip to Tahiti. And he was creepily close to Ryan throughout the series too. You have to wonder what was up with all that. Maybe Tahiti is the least of your worries if you get into a relationship with Seth.

Jack Bauer, "24"

Getting involved with Jack Bauer is practically a death sentence. On top of his inability to avoid increasingly convoluted plots against various governments, being his wife or lover makes you a prime target for any number of bad guys. Go ahead and take out some life insurance if you're planning on being Mrs. Bauer, because your kids will need some security after you're strapped to a nuke and blown to smithereens.