The 7 Worst ‘SNL’ Musical Performances Of All Time

Tuesday, January 17 by

Chris Gaines

This performance was fine from a technical standpoint, though a bit derivative. The real problem here was the concept behind “Chris Gaines,” the dark rock star alter-ego of Garth Brooks. Brooks refused to acknowledge a link between the two, baetin the gimmick into the ground. It was easy enough to ignore or brush off from an audio standpoint, but watching him host the show as one person, then perform as a completely distinct character was impossible to ignore.

The nation wasn’t baffled or mesmerized by the transformation, just kinda confused and annoyed.


Karmin haven’t played SNL yet, but we’re holding a spot for their February 11 performance. The ironic folk-cover duo are viral video sensations (which is pretty much all it takes to get booked on SNL these days), so look for some already-stale-and-seen covers of Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne by some bookish hipsters.


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