There is an unwritten rule that the main characters in movies and TV shows need a sidekick to share in their adventures. Sometimes, the sidekicks can be useful and help the hero get out of tough situations in one piece. Other times, they exist solely to annoy the main characters and the audience alike. These seven sidekicks are the worst ever, and are the type of people you never want to spend time alone with under your own free will.

Leo Getz.

Whatever you want, Leo gets! Except for getting off the movie screen, so the audience can enjoy the sequels to “Lethal Weapon” in piece. Joe Pesci is a good actor in the right role. This is not the right role. Getz is an annoying loudmouth that you wish Riggs or Murtaugh would simply shoot just so the movie could rid itself of unnecessary comic relief.

C-3PO/ Jar Jar Binks.

It is impossible to select just one annoying character from the entire “Star Wars” saga. C-3PO represents the flaws of the original trilogy. His prissy whining and fear of everything and anything wears thin about five minutes after he is introduced. Jar Jar Binks is a perfect example everything that was wrong with the prequel trilogy. He does nothing more than get in the way and cause headaches for everyone else around him. At least George Lucas wised up and reduced Jar Jar to a cameo appearance by the final installment of the trilogy.

Steve Urkel.

If you have a neighbor like Urkel, why would you not lock the door? The Winslow family never figured it out on “Family Matters” and look at what happened. Urkel took over the show and we spent several years putting up with his over-the-top nerdy behavior. Recordings of his snorting laugh are probably still used as a torture device somewhere.

Ruby Rhod.

Chris Tucker fits the definition of annoying in practically every movie role he has ever had. “The Fifth Element” is the masterpiece in his career of driving people nuts. Tucker is a loud and obnoxious intergalactic radio star who tags along with Bruce Willis. If this is what future radio is going to sound like, it might good idea to abolish it now.


Rob Schneider has made a career out of playing annoying characters. His turn as Herman Ferguson in “Judge Dredd” tops the list of irritating Rob Schneider characters. Fergie is a loud-mouthed computer hacker arrested by Dredd early in the movie, then becomes his right-hand man as Dredd tries to survive and clear his name after being framed for a crime. Eventually you wish Sylvester Stallone (who played Dredd) would just kill him and be done with it.

George Costanza.

If you met someone like George Costanza in real life, it would take every bit of self-restraint you possessed to keep from knocking him out. Costanza is a bald, slow-witted fat man who thinks he is more important than he really is. He is the type of character where you wish to see bad things happen to them. Fortunately, many episodes of the classic sitcom “Seinfeld” are happy to make this wish come true.

Short Round.

Willie Scott is the most annoying character hands down in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” but she is more of a love interest than a sidekick. Short Round fits the bill though in the annoying sidekick department. He is a byproduct of Steven Spielberg's penchant for inserting child actors into his movies who have nothing better to do than whine, scream, spout dopey one-liners and generally get in the way.