The 7 Shortest-Lived TV Shows Of 2011

Friday, December 9 by

Same Name

David Hasselhoff once again exhibited his reverse-Midas Touch. In 2010, his reality series The Hasselhoffs was cancelled. Months later, he appeared on an episode of Same Name, a Wife Swap-ish show that sees celebrities trading lives with regular joes who share their name. The other celebrities who learned how the other half lives include Kathy Griffin, Reggie Bush, and Mike Tyson.

It’s suddenly become my life’s mission to see the Mike Tyson episode. There’s no way he didn’t trash that dude’s house.

The Paul Reiser Show

Paul Reiser has the distinction of having the shortest lived series on television screens in 2011. Once a major hit maker for NBC, the Mad About You star couldn’t conjure up the same magic with his self-titled series. Which only proves how greatly he underestimated the crowd-pleasing appeal of Murray the Dog. Due to low ratings, the show was quickly pulled from NBC’s schedule and then buried in a shallow grave alongside a little-used street in Burbank.

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