The 7 Shortest-Lived TV Shows Of 2011

Friday, December 9 by

Free Agents

It’s pretty hard to screw up Hank Azaria running around in little outfits, but NBC somehow did it. Despite positive reviews, Free Agents was dropped by NBC after only four episodes. The comedy centered around co-workers trying to find a balance between working together and boning one another silly… and love and stuff. The awkward relationship of the leads wasn’t enough to win over American audiences who much prefer their romances forced, flat, and presented via a rose ceremony.


The Mario Lopez hosted H8R pitted annoying celebrities against everyday people who hate the living sh*t out of them. It is the celebrity’s objective to win over their critic or else they’ll have to return to their lives of fabulous wealth and comfort with the knowledge that some random spazz doesn’t approve of their work. The celebrity contestants included Snooki, Jake from The Bachelor, Kim Kardashian, Joe Francis, and The Miz. In all fairness, finding something likable about that group seems impossible. Even with fancy television special effects. That’s why this lasted only four episodes.


CBS’s Chaos starred Eric Close, Freddy Rodriguez, Tim Blake Nelson, and James Murray as rogue CIA agents who go outside the system to conquer threats to national security. A paperwork-loving America didn’t cotton to their unique brand of vigilantism and the show was cancelled after three episodes. Three cheers for due process!!

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