It's the end of the year, which means it is time to look back at what made us laugh, think, or cringe over the past 365 days. We saw many shows come and go in 2011, ranging from superhero dramas to racially-insensitive sitcoms to things featuring David Hasselhoff. Some hung around longer than others, and some shows were seemingly pulled during their first commercial break.

Please pour a sip out for us as we eulogize the most short-lived shows of 2011.

Charlie's Angels

Pretty hard to screw up Minka Kelly running around in little outifts, but ABC somehow did it. This unnecessary 300th retread of classic television series starred Kelly, Rachael Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh. It, of course, told the story of crime-fighters who dress like the Fantanas and solve mysteries for an elusive boss. But in a world with free Internet porn, audiences weren't interested in watching the stars rub lotion into each other and almost make-out while investigating shady gangsters.

The Playboy Club

Again, it's pretty hard to screw up Amber Heard running around in little outfits, but NBC somehow did it. Widely panned by jerks who hate boobs, this "Mad Man rip-off" was cancelled after three episodes. The consensus is that the show would have worked much better on a different network. Perhaps on Starz or Showtime were the actresses are contractually obligated to get railed on camera.

Free Agents

It's pretty hard to screw up Hank Azaria running around in little outfits, but NBC somehow did it. Despite positive reviews, Free Agents was dropped by NBC after only four episodes. The comedy centered around co-workers trying to find a balance between working together and boning one another silly... and love and stuff. The awkward relationship of the leads wasn't enough to win over American audiences who much prefer their romances forced, flat, and presented via a rose ceremony.


The Mario Lopez hosted H8R pitted annoying celebrities against everyday people who hate the living sh*t out of them. It is the celebrity's objective to win over their critic or else they'll have to return to their lives of fabulous wealth and comfort with the knowledge that some random spazz doesn't approve of their work. The celebrity contestants included Snooki, Jake from The Bachelor, Kim Kardashian, Joe Francis, and The Miz. In all fairness, finding something likable about that group seems impossible. Even with fancy television special effects. That's why this lasted only four episodes.


CBS's Chaos starred Eric Close, Freddy Rodriguez, Tim Blake Nelson, and James Murray as rogue CIA agents who go outside the system to conquer threats to national security. A paperwork-loving America didn't cotton to their unique brand of vigilantism and the show was cancelled after three episodes. Three cheers for due process!!

Same Name

David Hasselhoff once again exhibited his reverse-Midas Touch. In 2010, his reality series The Hasselhoffs was cancelled. Months later, he appeared on an episode of Same Name, a Wife Swap-ish show that sees celebrities trading lives with regular joes who share their name. The other celebrities who learned how the other half lives include Kathy Griffin, Reggie Bush, and Mike Tyson.

It's suddenly become my life's mission to see the Mike Tyson episode. There's no way he didn't trash that dude's house.

The Paul Reiser Show

Paul Reiser has the distinction of having the shortest lived series on television screens in 2011. Once a major hit maker for NBC, the Mad About You star couldn't conjure up the same magic with his self-titled series. Which only proves how greatly he underestimated the crowd-pleasing appeal of Murray the Dog. Due to low ratings, the show was quickly pulled from NBC's schedule and then buried in a shallow grave alongside a little-used street in Burbank.

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