In a world full of villains where evil never seems to die, we know that the only thing to help us find the light are our heroes. They help people without asking for anything in return. They fight the most dangerous villains because they want you to be safe. Out of all the heroes we have ever seen on television, here is our pick for the 7 greatest TV heroes of all time! Fear not–they will save you!


Michael Knight in "Knight Rider"

Before his life took a turn for the worse/better (whichever way you want to look at it), Michael was just another police officer. After getting horribly injured on duty, an independent crime fighting corporation took Michael under their wing, gave him plastic surgery completely changing his appearance, and invited him to fight crime for them. People not only love this great hero for his compassionate personality but also for his amazing talking car! Watch "Knight Rider" for a hero and a sidekick that will not only leave you hanging on the edge of your seat but will also warm your heart.

Clark Kent in "Smallville"

Now we all know that this list would be incomplete without one of our favorite superheroes of all time, Superman. This is exactly who Tom Welling plays in the famous television series. He is one of the noblest Supermen that we have ever seen, always protecting those who cannot protect themselves and caring for everybody around him. 

Buffy in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Buffy, played by Sarah Michelle Geller, is one hell of a hero! Still in high school, Buffy is the 'chosen one' whose duty it is to kill evil, blood-thirsty vampires! We love this TV hero for many reasons; she's a teenager, a savior, a cheerleader and a sassy blonde! Deep down you know that if you were with a blood sucking vampire you would want this sexy vampire slayer to come to your rescue!

Horatio Caine in "CSI: Miami"

Got a crime you don't think anyone could ever begin to solve? Well, we have the man for the job! Horatio Caine in "CSI: Miami" is the by far one of the best detectives on TV. He knows exactly where to look for clues and how to get answers! Why is he our hero? He solves crimes and puts the bad guys (including murderers, kidnappers and thieves) away for good, keeping our streets safe!

Sydney Bristow in "Alias"

In the famous television series "Alias" the beautiful Jennifer Garner plays a rogue secret agent, Sydney Barstow. In the pilot Sydney's fiancé is murdered when she tells him that she is an agent for the CIA. Soon after she learns that she is, in fact, a part of a criminal organization and not the CIA, so she becomes a double agent infiltrating the criminal organization. Guns, bombs, love, and justicethis hero packs a mighty punch. 

Dr. Who in "Dr. Who"

Over the years, Dr. Who has been played by more actors than we can name. The Dr. has the coolest gadget that we could never even dream of having--a time machine! He uses the time machine to travel through time to help people, explore the mysteries of the world, and be a loveable hero. Dr. Who is one of the greatest TV heroes of all time not just because he helps people but because he's also completely unaware of how special he is.

Agent Scully in the "X-Files"

We don't know about you but we're completely obsessed with paranormal sci-fi TV shows. In "X-Files" there were two main leads: Moulder and Scully. Out of the two, and all the other great TV heroes of all time, we picked Agent Scully for our greatest TV heroes list. She doesn't just help a few destitute people in dire situations here and thereshe helps the universe when she battles evil. Hell, she gets so far into the paranormal that's trying to harm us, it caused her to get abducted by aliens!