There is no room for mediocrity when characters choose to make sanity more of a vacation than a home. Anime is not necessarily known for its subtle portrayals of characters, so for someone to stand out as truly crazy, they need to have something remarkable going on. With blood, guts, and laughter, here are the seven craziest anime heroes to grace the screen until the next batch of writers hatch from the dark places in their heads..

 Aang, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

You have to expect a bit of goofiness from anyone frozen in suspended animation for a hundred years and you get that in spades from Aang. An incredibly powerful character, it is Aang’s childlike wonder that makes him a bizarre and loveably flawed vessel for the four elements he alone can wield. Enjoy the adventure that springs from when crazy meets crazy as Aang meets a friend from his youth who has aged into a serious nutjob in “The King of Omashu”.

Edward, “Fullmetal Alchemist”

As a young man, Edward carries the burden of his brother inhabiting a suit of armor due to a failed attempt at the resurrection of their mother and his obsessive need to find insult in any words that might imply that he is short for his age. It’s this combination of regret, self-consciousness, and incredible alchemical power that makes Edward one of the more interesting crazy anime heroes. Watch some serious irrationality in “The Truth Behind Truths” to see Edward evidence some of his trademark insanity.

Yuki, “The Future Diary”

Between the crying jags, the woe is me attitude, the ease at letting his romantic stalker do the killing and the manipulative personality that surfaces on occasion, Yuki is stone cold crazy and will probably leave you wanting to punch him at least a dozen times during any one episode. Yuki makes tear stained love with his psychopathic tendencies in “Delete All Messages”.

D, “Vampire Hunter D”

A hybrid of vampire and human, D metes out the killing with a stoic face unused to emotional expressions. With a symbiotic, smart-ass left hand and a lineage that has him feared by both vampires and humans, D strives to walk his own path in “Vampire Hunter D”. You can’t be all that sane when your hand is sentient, as it has to make showers and high-fives incredibly uncomfortable. As he makes a meal out of the trio of snake women, D illustrates that he can go full crazy with the best of the anime heroes.

Kenshiro, “Fist of the North Star”

Life can get rough when your girlfriend is stolen and your older brother has made it his mission to destroy you. Kenshiro takes it in stride by killing those who choose to stand in his way. Kenshiro and Raoh’s battle is definitely one for the books and won’t return Kenshiro from crazy town anytime soon seeing as his girlfriend has gone missing yet again.

Kaneda, “Akira”

Having to join terrorists to go up against your ESP powered friend before he destroys the world means you have to adapt a lot of crazy into your life. Being a good friend sometimes means having to kill your buddy when he’s gone mad with power and migraines and Kaneda proves himself ready for that task. Watch out for your gag reflex when Tetsuo loses control and adds Kaneda to his internal organs.

Yuno, “The Future Diary”

The even crazier companion to her love interest Yuki, Yuno is a multi-layered cake of bloodlust and insanity that you’ll be surprised that she isn’t constantly paralyzed with facial and body tics. She kills with no regard for morality or law and yet she believes she does it all in the name of love, thus making her one of the greatest and looniest anime heroes ever. “Restricted Call” merely points at the depths Yuno will happily dive into in order to help Yuki win the contest while laughing at what’s yet to come.