The 7 Best Adventure Shows Ever On Television

Saturday, February 11 by Irving Oala

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One of the biggest action-adventure shows ever made had a wonderfully unique premise that helped the show to become a phenomenon in the early 2000's. Special agent Jack Bauer, played by recognizable movie star Kiefer Sutherland, is drawn into trying to stop an attempt to kill the president in the first season. Each episode of the show is one hour out of the day, so you are watching the drama unfold in real time, adding to the adventure and tension throughout the series.


Lost Spoilers Season 6

Perhaps the quintessential adventure show of the past ten years, "Lost" was one of the best television shows on broadcast networks for six years,as the show snaked its way through ridiculous worlds and subplots that didn't seem to ever be able to reconnect. Fans of the show are hard-pressed for an explanation for how the show ended, but the first few seasons were pure action adventure gold.

"Prison Break."


As the title sets up, this show was about criminals breaking out of prison. But they are good criminals, as it's a guy who is freeing his brother who was wrongly accused. The first part of series deals with the plan for escaping from prison, while surviving prison at the same time. And once they are out of prison, there is the exciting time on the run, as they try to duck authorities and prove their innocence. Not the best show, but definitely one of the best adventure shows.

"Quantum Leap."


This hit science fiction adventure show from the 80's follows a guy who is able to leap from different people's bodies in different decades, helping them solve their own problems in different times of existence. He literally ends up in every type of body you can imagine, from all parts of history, ranging from young to old to women, making some of the episodes a little funny and awkward. There may not be a better adventure show out there, as time travel is also believably pulled-off.

"Lost In Space."


This classic space adventure show followed a crew who drifts from world to world, helping to solve interplanetary problems in each episode. There was also a lot of comedy throughout this adventure show, making it uniquely tongue and cheek. Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the creepy Dr. Smith. That's it; we mentioned him. Now let's never speak of him again.



During the spate of superhero films and television, "Heroes" took a unique approach by making a series about a number of different superheroes realizing they have powers and coming together to be good, or evil. The first few seasons of this show were excellent, though it soon fell off and got a little confused and mediocre. Maybe more than just a little mediocre, actually, as the one-time mega-hit was unceremoniously canceled.

"The Walking Dead."


This AMC series is more horror than adventure but it follows a handful of main character survivors as they wander through an apocalyptic landscape of America after zombies have taken over. While the series moves slowly, there is still a new world of adventure, and in many cases grotesque horror, around every corner. In fact, it's only fitting that the pacing be so deliberate, giving the shuffling nature of the ravenous undead. Braaaaains!

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