The 7 All-Time Greatest Reality Shows About Cake

Tuesday, November 1 by

DC Cupcakes – TLC

What better setting for another show about cupcakes than our nation’s capital. Sure, Ace of Cakes took place in Baltimore, but that’s forty miles away and can take hours in traffic. Also, the cakes on Ace of Cakes were regular-sized, while the cakes on DC cupcakes are more cup-sized. There was certainly room for both shows on the cake-show landscape, but Ace of Cakes no longer airs, so this is our only look at cake production in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area. Needless to say, that puts a lot of pressure on DC Cupcakes to perform.

And perform it does!

However, the people on this show are not very likeable, but they make the most amazing cupcakes! (I’m guessing. I don’t care for sweets.) They are easily one of my top-five TV cake-making teams. Easily.

Last Cake Standing – Food Network

It sounds like this would be a show about mechanized cakes battling each other in some sort of post-apocalyptic warzone, but it’s not. It’s like Top Chef, but with cakes. Again, I’m not thrilled that the $100,000 prize takes away from the purity of the competition, but I like that I get to know the contestants. Over the course of the first season, I grew to hate all of them by the second episode, but I appreciate being given the chance to know them.

You know what? It’s not their fault. I’m sure they’re great people. I just think I’m getting a little sick of watching people produce and talk about cakes.

I think I’d rather watch some television shows that are set in the 60’s or something.

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