The 7 All-Time Greatest Reality Shows About Cake

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Cupcake Wars – Food Network

Cupcake Wars is a baking competition on the Food Network that puts four contestants against each other, eliminating a contestant per round until there is only one, just like the Highlander. The winner receives $10,000.

I used to like the premise of this show, but I’m not thrilled with the cash prize. I would enjoy the programming more if I know the contestants were competing solely for the pride of being a good cupcake maker. The money changes everything. Also, cupcakes are a little small for my tastes.

The challenges present on this show are sometimes fun, but aren’t always appetizing. Sometimes they use very unorthodox ingredients, which upsets me a little, but I remind myself that these people need to get out of their comfort zone. Even though I would be perfectly happy just watching the show to see who could make the best yellow, frosting-less cupcake week after week.

Ace of Cakes – Food Network

This show was among the first cake shows on television, and you can tell. The people on this show seemed pretty unprofessional. Duff was always wearing a baseball hat (He should wear a toque!), and there was one gentleman named Geoff who appeared to frequently be high on marijuana.

However, I have to give the Charm City Cakes crew credit for laying the groundwork for the new “cake era” of television. It’s really an amazing phenomenon these guys have helped create.

Fun fact: Ace of Cakes was originally a public acess cooking show called F#ck You Let’s Bake.

I like Ace of Cakes more.

Amazing Wedding Cakes – WE

The name says it all. These wedding cakes are AMAZING. You think that you would get sick of watching boring people make wedding cakes, week after week, but you totally don’t. I was first introduced to both fondant and marzipan on this show, so it will always occupy a spot in my heart.

The show profiles four bake shops as the proprietors meet with clients to arrange the wedding cake of their dreams. Too often, though, the show focuses on the people getting married. I don’t care for them. I would rather they spend more time on the cakes. Instead of spending so much time talking to the bride and her mother, they could put flowers on the cake or maybe put on another tier. I don’t get it.

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