The 7 All-Time Greatest Reality Shows About Cake

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'Cake Boss' has all the hallmarks of an amazing leader. Like Churchill.  

If you’re a cake enthusiast like I am, you probably noticed that the last few years have given us an embarrassment of riches as far as cake-related programs go. There are far more shows than we “need” about cake, but not nearly as many as I want. Every Friday I send individual letters to most major networks urging them to give the people what they want: more excellent cake-related programming.

The only two channels that I feel are pulling their weight are the Food Network and TLC. Did you know that HBO and AMC, for all of their acclaim, have zero cakes shows…COMBINED? I mean, AMC has a show about making drugs, but it really isn’t very good. Everyone’s so unhappy and there isn’t any talk of fondant.

Well, I’m trying to put on a happy face and look at the half-full glass. So I thought I would run through and give you guys a quick rundown of my favorite cake shows on the air.

Ultimate Cake-Off – TLC

Do you ever find yourself eating a large piece of cake and wondering, “Who was in charge of the production of this delicious cake?” Well, my friend, that would be a cake boss!

This program follows Buddy Valastro and the rest of his family as they bake cakes at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, the unofficial home of cake! Cake Boss is a very popular show, with season one averaging 2.3 million viewers. Consequently, Carlo’s bakery has become something of a tourist attraction in Hoboken, and has actually caused a spike in tourism to the Hoboken area, which speaks to how great Carlo’s is and how shitty Hoboken is!

Earlier this year, TLC created a Cake Boss spinoff called Kitchen Boss, which features Buddy sharing other, non-cake recipes. I don’t care for Kitchen Boss.

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