The 6 Most Annoying Characters on TV

Wednesday, January 4 by Steve Silverman

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	Television <a href=writers are smart. They know that viewers come back to their shows week after week because there are characters that they like and there are characters that they can't stand. You may want to see characters you dislike get what they have coming to them. They may not be "bad guys," but their habits could certainly be described as "annoying." In some cases, they become characters that you love to hate, but even if you don't hate them, you have to admit…these guys are the six most annoying characters on TV.

george costanza

George Costanza, Seinfeld. Jason Alexander played George, who was Jerry Seinfeld's best friend and chief foil throughout the run of the show. George was basically a ne'er do well who excelled at making up lies and excuses. George was incapable of facing life on conventional terms, so he made up his own rules. For the large majority of the show, he had no steady job nor any significant relationship. This left him feeling inadequate, so he made up stories of being an architect, an importer-exporter and other made-up positions to make him look good in the eyes of others. George regularly blamed others for his problems and always tried to work an unethical angle. Many of George's antics were funny, but he was still incredibly annoying.

dr peter benton er

Dr. Peter Benton, ER. The long-running NBC series featured some brilliant performances by George Clooney, Julianna Margulies and Anthony Edwards, but Eriq LaSalle's portrayal of Dr. Benton was always over-the-top and overbearing. The chip on  Benton's shoulder was always huge and he came into nearly every scene daring his co-workers and patients to knock it off. From time to time, Benton's anger would be justified, but for the most part he excelled at turning mole hills into mountains. How annoying.

barney stinson himym

Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother. This hit show would have you believe that Barney is a total hound who can get any woman he wants because of his undeniable appeal. Forget the credibility factor when it comes to Neil Patrick Harris being such a stud. It's almost impossible to stay with a full segment — commercial to the next commercial — because you would rather stick knitting needles in your eyeballs than listen to Barney shoot off lame one-liners or concoct ridiculously annoying schemes.

christopher moltisanti sopranos

Christopher Moltisanti, The Sopranos. Christopher was mob boss Tony Soprano's nephew and he was tapped to be the next in line in Soprano's organized crime family in HBO's sensational series. Christopher (portrayed by Michael Imperioli) was a scrawny and nasal punk who was addicted to cocaine and wanted to live the Hollywood lifestyle. Christopher would regularly question Tony's orders even though he was a subordinate and his insecurities regularly got on under the skin of Tony and the rest of the Soprano crew. Tony always questioned Christopher's loyalty and sobriety and ultimately made him pay the price when he couldn't kick his annoying addictions.

ally mcbeal

Ally McBeal, Ally McBeal. The title character of the Fox series was a standout lawyer, but she was constantly worried about … everything. She didn't know if she was good enough, pretty enough, honest enough, loyal enough, sexy enough or talented enough. Ally (played by Calistha Flockhart) was about the most insecure lawyer in the history of series television. She was even tormented in her dreams, where a dancing baby kept her from sleeping peacefully.

latka gravas

Latka Gravas, Taxi. This was a comedic series that bridged the late 1970s and the early 1980s, and it featured the comings and goings of a New York taxi cab company. The series had some brilliant casting that included Danny DeVito as dispatcher Louis de Palma, Judd Hirsch as driver Alex Reiger and Marilu Henner as Elaine O'Connor-Nardu, the company's attractive woman driver. It also had the late Andy Kaufman as foreign driver Latka Gravas. Kaufman portrayed a driver who couldn't speak English, but you were supposed to understand his gestures and his sounds. He was incredibly annoying and overbearing.

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