High school—you either loved it, or couldn’t wait for it to end. Whatever the case it was a huge chunk of your adolescent life that should not be forgotten. If you’re looking for high school shows to help you reminisce or if you are currently a high school student who just wants a fun and entertaining television show, we have just the list for you! Check out any of the following that we've rated the 6 best high school shows of all time!


“Freaks and Geeks”

Although “Freaks and Geeks” only had one season, it had one of the hugest cult followings of any television show. You can still find people who talk about how it was their favorite TV show back in the day. Now don’t think that just because this show is a little old (1999-2000), you won’t be able to relate. This is one of the most realistic television shows about high school ever made. It shows all the different types of kids in school; jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, burn-outs, and book-worms and how they try to survive in the jungle that is high school.


“Friday Night Lights”

Loved by adults, teenagers, and critics, “Friday Night Lights” is one of the most realistic and entertaining high school shows that we have ever seen. The show revolves around a group of diverse high school kids living in a small town in Texas whose own lives revolve around one thing: high school football! This show is full of relationship drama, trying to get into college, and of course football! If you have ever been to the south or lived there, this show is a deeper look into the lives of all your past peers—especially the popular and not so popular football players.


“The Wonder Years”

We’re sure just about every little boy in the United States has had a crush on Winnie Cooper at one point or another in his life. “The Wonder Years” is a wonderful G-rated high school show (which is very hard to come across in this day and age) that follows young Fred Savage, a sweet and polite high schooler. The show depicts family drama, relationship drama, and how he tries (and doesn’t try) to keep up with school work. Did we mention that it’s also hilarious?


“Gossip Girl”

Although “Gossip Girl” is a highly exaggerated television show, it is one of the most entertaining and scandalous to watch. The show follows the lives of a tight knit group of Upper East Side New Yorkers who go to a very elite private school that only the crème de la crème can afford. Their lives are documented and shared with the world by a secret undercover person who runs a website called “Gossip Girl.” Every mistake, every secret, every scandal is broadcast throughout their community. The show is full of sex, money, lies, and parties!


“My So Called Life”

Claire Danes plays an ordinary teenager that shows us adults that life isn’t always fun and peachy for a teenager. The show touches real life events of a teenager and how they deal with them. Like “Freaks and Geeks,” “My So Called Life" also has a huge cult following to this day. Some of the issues touched in the show include sex, STDs, gay-rights, alcohol, drugs, and family relationships. 



This would be an incomplete list if we didn’t have one show with some paranormal activity. Our favorite out of all the high school shows with vampires, werewolves, and witches is “Roswell”—a show with aliens. The show revolves around three aliens whose lives change when a lot of attention is directed towards one of them after one alien saves the life of a local girl he’s loved his entire life. “Roswell” has one thing every high school show strives for but only some get right; an epic love. Once you start watching “Roswell” you won’t be able to stop until you’ve completed all three seasons.