The 5 Best Sopranos Episodes You Must See

Monday, January 9 by Steve Silverman

“Bust-Out” Season 2

Bust-Out the sopranos.jpg

Davey Scatino, a neighbor of Tony’s, convinces him to let him play poker with the big boys. Scatino, a “civilian” whose son is friends with Tony’s daughter, ends up losing more than he can afford. Soprano makes Scatino pay his losses by bankrupting his sporting goods business. That results in the end of Scatino’s marriage and the friendship between the two kids. It shows how far Tony will go to collect a debt.

“Funhouse” Season 2

Funhouse the sopranos james ganodolfini.jpg

Tony finds out that his longtime associate Sal “Big Pussy” Bompensiero has been wearing a wire and has been collecting evidence against him. This is more than Tony can bear and he takes Big Pussy out on a boat he is considering buying. Tony, Paulie Walnuts and Silvo bring Big Pussy down below deck and shoot the traitor before dumping him over the side of the boat.

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