The 5 Best Sopranos Episodes You Must See

Monday, January 9 by Steve Silverman

“The Knight in White Satin Armor” Season 2

the sopranos the knight in white satin armor.jpg

Not only the best episode in the run of the show, but perhaps the best episode in the history of series television. Throughout the season, Tony is confronted by combative Richie Aprile, an older mob associate who has recently been freed after  long stretch in prison. Aprile is unhappy with the money and responsibilities he has been given since his return and doesn’t show Tony the respect worthy of being the boss. From Aprile’s perspective, Tony is still a “kid” and there’s no way he should be above him in the mob’s hierarchy. Aprile is also involved in a tempestuous relationship with Tony’s sister Janice. When she questions Aprile’s treatment of his son, he responds by delivering a hard punch in the mouth. She then shoots Aprile and calls Tony with the details of her deed. Tony helps her clean up the mess and order the disposal of his body. At the end of the night, an exhausted Soprano returns home to his wife, who advises him that she is leaving shortly for a trip to Rome with her girlfriend. A bemused Tony sits on the couch with a look that questions how his life could have possibly spun so far out of control.

“Kennedy and Heidi” Season 6

chris dies the sopranos.jpg

As the series winds toward its conclusion in its final season, Tony is in a battle for survival with New York mob boss Phil Leotardo. As Soprano contemplates his next move while riding with his nephew Christopher Moltisanti, he is suspicious of Christopher’s behavior and attitude. Moltisanti has previously had drug problems and it appears that he is driving under the influence. As they are driving, Moltisanti swerves and his car flips and rolls off the highway. A badly injured Moltisanti asks Tony to help him, saying he would never pass the drug test. Soprano uses Moltisanti’s words to justify cutting off his air supply and killing his former protege.

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