Sitcoms love to have fun with Christmas. However, when Christmas happens on TV sitcoms, something always goes wrong. But that's a good thing. If you watch these shows, your bad Christmases will somehow not seem so bad. You'll laugh at these bad situations and think, 'Hey, my Christmas wasn't so awful after all.' While movies, such as "It's A Wonderful Life," take nearly a sacred approach to the Christmas season, these shows look for, and find, all the funny bits. We just try so hard as humans to make Christmas perfect for our families, friends and coworkers. But because we're not perfect people, perfection is, well, impossible. Anyhow, try and have a Merry Christmas the next time one comes around. Hope and pray it doesn't go as badly as these ones do.

"30 Rock", "Ludachristmas"


During Christmas, there's all kinds of trouble going on. Tracy Morgan is forced to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, and can't be at the annual Ludachristmas party. Kenneth, that do-gooder is concerned that nobody 'gets' the true meaning of Christmas. It all leads to the cast and writers dashing away to tear down a huge Christmas tree outside their building. Why? Well, you'll just need to watch and see.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Mary, Joseph and Larry"

The great David Steinberg directed this episode. On it, Larry shows what a poor tipper he is. He also ruins a nativity scene. As fans of the show know, poor Larry ruins just about everything he touches. Then he wonders why everybody's so angry with him. He is certainly not somebody you want to invite over during the holiday season. Unless, of course, you really want to ruin your Christmas.

"Community", "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas"

"Community" is one of those shows that fans love, but the general public has not fully embraced so far. And that's a shame because it's really funny. This is a stop-motion animated episode. Abed, one of the cast's many weird characters, is convinced this Christmas is the most important ever. The rest of the cast, which is his community college study group, is extremely concerned about the man's mental health.

Seinfeld, "The Pick"


Jerry Seinfeld is spotted scratching his nose-or so he claims. However, the girl he's dating at the time-and he's always dating somebody different, from episode to episode-sees him as picking his nose. This happens while he's driving his car. And let's face it, the car is where most of  us get our nose-cleaning done, even sitcom stars like Jerry Seinfeld. He tries to convince this girl otherwise, but unsuccessfully. The nose action is where this episode gets its title. However, at the same time, Elaine must go through the pain of sending out Christmas cards where her nipple is exposed. Some people got their best Christmas gift that season when they received Elaine's card.

"The Office", "Christmas Party", aka "Santa Claus is Coming to Scranton"

It's secret Santa time at the office, which is a really bad idea. As anyone who has ever worked in an office knows, the gift exchange can often go very badly. This is especially so, as some people buy really expensive gifts, whereas others purchase the cheap ones. And, of course, the dynamics of the office are always strained. Let this episode be a warning to you, if you work in an office!