The 5 Best Fantasy Shows On TV

Sunday, February 12 by Frost

Dragons Aplenty

Set down the police procedurals and stop self-diagnosing with those medical dramas in favor of side stepping into the land of imagination with the five best fantasy shows on TV. Indulge in these shows up until you start making homemade chain mail or attempting to bring back witch burnings; at that point, it’s time to go back to reality.


“Game of Thrones”.

Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones” is a stark (no pun intended) and brutal playground where political maneuvering cuts deeper than the sword. With an emphasis on manipulation, this fantasy show peels away lies only to replace them with more falsehoods; the grand story plays out in dangerous little actions that take place across the relationships of the characters.  In "The Pointy End", Tyrion’s creation of an alliance with Shagga, leader of the Stone Crows, illustrates the power of mind over swords as well as the acting chops of Peter Dinklage.

“Walking Dead”.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Walking Dead</a> cast” src=” Dead.jpg” /></p>
	Forget <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>fairy tale</a> fun in a world with way less humans. “Walking Dead” takes survival as its only directive, ignoring groups that are best friends for life and focusing on clashing personalities and self-preservation as major traits of humanity. There aren’t easily available <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>super</a> geniuses or experts on canning food, just men and women who got the job done regardless of liking each other. “Guts” is an episode filled with choices. Good or bad is up to you, but the story won’t beg for your approval, and that’s what makes “Walking Dead” seriously great fantasy.</p>
	<strong>“Falling Skies”</strong>.</p>
<p style= Falling Skies

Unless you have decent otherworldly evidence for why you’re walking funny after that camping trip, aliens enslaving the Earth are straight out fantasy. “Falling Skies” starts out fairly typically, with a band of military and civilians working together as a cell of rebellion under the gun of a superior alien force called Skitters. Beginning with well-trodden stories of low resources and lower ammunition, this fantasy show stretches out to grow into a strong story as the characters become individuals with their own goals. Breaking from the normal attention deficit storytelling, “Falling Skies” lets a little throwaway question voiced in an early episode soak into the back of your mind until, just before it gets forgotten, it becomes a large reveal. The two part episode “Sanctuary” conveys a situation where that instinctual feeling that something is wrong keeps setting off your personal "Spidey sense", but in the end you have to ignore your gut in order to serve the best interests of the group.

Lost Girl”.

Lost Girl

Most likely to become a dirty television secret of yours, “Lost Girl” blurs the line in fantasy that delineates between guilt and pleasure with skill. With a fae succubus and a human thief as the lead characters, this fantasy television show tackles what occurs when the barrier between mythology and reality gets crossed. Sure, there are werewolves and action, but the show also has shirtless guys, candles and romance, so it caters to wherever your tastes may lie, causing no more self-shame than a good shower can wash off before you hit the bar for game night. “Vexed” features one of the more interesting dark Fae, an evil magical creature named "Vex". Vex's talent lies in the complete control of a person’s body with bloody results.

“Doctor Who”.

The Doctor

Where, outside of prison, are you going to run into a show where the deadliest weapons are a cunning mind and a screwdriver? Pure unadulterated fantasy that swings from intimately emotional to gleefully wacky, “Doctor Who” tackles the evil in your cupboard with a mixture of arrogance and empathy that sucks you into the world of time travel. In series six, “A Good Man Goes to War” is the episode that rallies the audience, as The Doctor calls in some of the favors he’s accumulated to fight a righteous battle only to have victory cruelly escape from his grasp.

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