Ten Most Bad Ass Moments So Far On ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Friday, September 9 by

Juice Takes One for the Team

When the Sons need a little protection on the inside, they have to offer something big to the Black Guerilla Army. Fortunately, a BGA enemy in protective custody has taken a shine to Juice. All Juice has to do is shake his pretty Puerto Rican ass in his direction along with the promise of a little manly love… right before the BGA descend upon the mark, shivs shanking away.

Jax Just Says No

When a drug dealer sells to his pregnant girlfriend, Jax becomes a one-man war on drugs. After getting the business end of a pool cue, it’s safe to say this is one drug dealer who won’t be selling to any pregnant women any time soon.

F#ck Your Bike

Pushing around civilians is one thing. Pushing around other 1%ers is another. SAMCRO lure the Mayans into a trap by pulling a Pee-Wee Herman and pushing their bikes to the ground.

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