Ten Most Bad Ass Moments So Far On ‘Sons of Anarchy’

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Don’t Sit on Jax’s Bike

Corrected: It’s hard to feel bad for a man who sits on another man’s bike like he owns the damn thing. Jax taught that dude a lesson in the form of a beating before making off with his girl. Chances are Señor Crotch Rocket will think twice the next time he sees some beautifully crafted American V-Twin action sitting outside of the local liquor store.

We’re Taking Your Balls

Corrected: The Sons of Anarchy are a 1%er club with a conscience. When it comes to getting even with carny rapists and protecting Charming, SAMCRO doesn’t f#ck around. When the father refuses to do the dirty work, Clay takes out a cattle castrating knife and shows him who’s got real balls… literally and figuratively.


Gemma is a perpetual bad-ass moment on Sons of Anarchy. Whether she’s giving away Bibles with syringes as bookmarks or taking a skateboard upside the head of a woman who bedded her man, this is one granny who doesn’t f#ck around. She’s based on Lady Macbeth and it shows in every episode. Also, Katey Sagal has been a top-shelf MILF since she was trotting around in impossible heels and hair on Married… With Children.

Tara Gets Real

Hospital director Margaret Murphy spent most of the first two seasons giving Tara the needle. When she calls matriarch Gemma a “biker whore,” Tara decides she’s had enough shit. She explains in no uncertain terms that if things don’t change around the hospital she’s going to see Margaret put in the ground.

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