Ten Most Bad Ass Moments So Far On ‘Sons of Anarchy’

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'Sons of Anarchy' (In case you missed the jackets). 

Fewer things are more bad ass than 1%er motorcycle clubs. While the true and gritty reality of belonging to one of these clubs can’t fully be represented on basic cable, Sons of Anarchy does a damn close job. In celebration of the start of the fourth season, we’ve decided to revisit the ten most bad ass moments of the first three seasons.

Note: The two errors that originally appeared in this piece have been corrected. Thanks to everyone in the comment section who pointed them out.

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Burning Off Kyle’s Tattoo

Popular legend holds that if you leave a 1%er motorcycle club they want your tattoos back. According to Sons of Anarchy, you can either get them burned off or cut off. Kyle, the exiled member of SAMCRO responsible for Opie’s incarceration opted for the former. In one of the most brutal scenes ever aired on basic cable, we got to see him hang from chains while the tattoo was burned off with a blowtorch.

AJ Weston’s Stoic Death

Henry Rollins could put on a pink prom dress and read scenes from Steel Magnolias and still look tough. On SOA he plays an open white nationalist opponent of SAMCRO. Before SAMCRO executes him, AJ Weston says a touching goodbye to his son. This isn’t just bad ass, it also lends an interesting complexity to a thoroughly detestable character, humanizing even the most inhuman man.

Killing June Stahl

Anyone who’s seen The Godfather knows that even the most hardened criminals hesitate before offing the pigs. Double down on that when it comes to federal agents. But Agent June Stahl went over the line one too many times and paid the price in the season three finale. Most of us spent the first three seasons wondering why no one thought to put her out of her misery.

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