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Sue Sylvester quotes are a necessity in today’s “Glee“-obsessed world. They can be used in a variety of situations, in or out of high school. So, here are a handful of Sue Sylvester quotes for you to use whenever the situation calls for it. And if you should suddenly feel embarrassed about watching”Glee,” you can just tell people you got your Sue Sylvester quotes from here. You’re welcome.

1.  “I don’t trust a man with curly hair. I can’t help but picture little birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and it disgusts me.” We all know that curly-haired men are not to be trusted. So here’s a Sue Sylvester quote that should come in handy for explaining why. Let no curly-haire devil cross your path as long you have this Sue Sylvester quote up your sleeve!

2. “I am engorged with venom and triumph.” Here’s a Sue Sylvester quote to use for when you’re engorged with venom and triumph. For instance, let’s say you just got done TP-ing a deserving neighbor’s house on Halloween — “I am engorged with venom and triumph.” You just got away from a perfect bank heist — “I am engorged with venom and triumph.” You’re about to have sex — “I am engorged with venom and triumph.” It’s one of the most versatile Sue Sylvester quotes of all.

3.  “Your resentment is delicious.” Sometimes life hands us a moment in which we feel too good, too superior, to let other people’s problems drag us down. For times like that, this Sue Sylvester quote would fit quite nicely between your mouth and your listener’s ears. Just don’t say it to anyone who could beat you up.

4.  “I was aroused, then furious.” There’s a fine line between fury and arousal, as anyone who’s ever watched “Glee” can tell you. And sometimes it’s best to just admit it, instead of trying to cloud the issue with a lot of violence and/or weightlifting. Here’s a Sue Sylvester quote for all of those times. Take your righteous fury and channel it into the perfect Sue Sylvester quote — it’s this generation’s “serenity now.”

5.  “Go scream at some fatties.” It’s important to occasionally use Sue Sylvester quotes for good rather than evil. Or you could split the difference and encourage someone to do something evil, like screaming at fatties. This Sue Sylvester quote would be good for just that malignant purpose. If you’re feeling experimental, you could scream this Sue Sylvester quote at a fatty, but be warned: This could cause an interdimensional rift in space-time that would wipe out all life in the universe.

Here are five Sue Sylvester quotes for your “Glee”-quoting convenience. Feel free to refer to this guide as many times as necessary before you commit these Sue Sylvester quotes to memory.

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