The Sopranos is universally lauded as a historically superior television series as it cast intimate light on the inner workings of modern organized crime. Tony Soprano is the boss of a powerful New Jersey crime family and he has all the trappings that go with that position, including beautiful women. Many hot women were featured in starring and guest roles throughout the run of the series.

Meadow Soprano

Played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Meadow was a precocious teenager at the start of the series. However, she developed into a hot and gorgeous woman and she had several amorous boyfriends throughout the run of the series. Deep, dark brown eyes draw you into Sigler's character, and a ready smile and a beautiful body give her an understated and sexy characteristic. Throughout the series, you knew she was a powerful mob boss's daughter, but her strength and intelligence came shining through and that allowed her to develop a very hot and appealing persona.

Adriana LaCerva

Adriana, played by Drea de Matteo, was the girlfriend of Christopher Moltisanti throughout the majority of the Sopranos series. If you haven't seen any episodes, Adriana is similar to the female characters in MTV's reality series "Jersey Shore," only she's much hotter. Adrianna was a striking stunner any time she entered a scene. Her hair and nails were always done impeccably and she also had a gorgeous face. While she used too much makeup, it was obvious that Adriana was beautiful. Most importantly, she had a flawless body that was shown off on a regular basis. Everyone on the show loved Adriana and envied Moltisanti's luck at having such a sexy piece for a girlfriend. However, when word got out that she had flipped, she was executed immediately by Soprano consigliere Silvio Dante.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi

One of the hooks that got many viewers into the Sopranos is that Tony is given to panic attacks and talks about his problems with his beautiful psychiatrist, portrayed expertly by Lorraine Bracco. Behind her professional demeanor, Dr. Melfi is a sexy and red-hot woman whom Tony shares many of his inner secrets. He also fantasizes about her from time to time and while they never consummated those desires, Dr. Melfi's smoldering beauty is a key factor in Tony's relationship with her.

Charmaine Bucco

The wife of restaurant owner Artie Bucco, Charmaine is not a classic beauty. However, she is a strong and independent woman and that makes her sexy and hot. Charmaine, played by Kathrine Narducci, grew up with many of the players in the Soprano mob, but she rejected the immorality of mob life. While her husband often fantasizes about being a tough guy and hanging out with the crew, Charmaine will have none of it and demands that Artie stay on the straight and narrow. It isn't an easy fight for her, but she eventually gets her way. Charmaine has a red-hot body that she does not usually flaunt.

Gloria Trillo

Tony has several outside relationships throughout the run of the show, much to his wife's dismay. One of his hottest paramours was luxury car saleswoman Gloria Trillo, portrayed by Annabella Sciorra. Trillo appeared to be a mature woman who knew what she wanted when she engaged Tony in an affair. However, she was troubled by many emotional problems and the red-hot relationship became an unmanageable burden. Trillo eventually took her own life by hanging herself from a chandelier.

Sonya Aragon

The Las Vegas stripper/college student Sonya Aragon appeared in the "Kennedy and Heidi" episode in the series' final season. Sonya was portrayed by gorgeous Sarah Shahi. In the episode, Tony goes to Las Vegas and looks up Sonya because she had engaged in a relationship with Christopher and he wanted to let her know that he had died in an automobile accident. Sonya appreciates Tony's attitude andand they have a passionate fling. Shahi is a dark-haired stunner with a beautiful face and a perfect body.