After a weekend of partying in college (which would be every weekend, right?), you can be forgiven for not being at your bright-eyed best come Monday morning. You may be tempted to hit the snooze button on your alarm a few dozen times or so. But why just lay in bed, sleepy and hung over, when you could be entertained? This list of six college TV shows will provide some stimulus for you, and heck, they may even teach you something, right?


1. “Undeclared”

Near perfect in its depiction of college life, “Undeclared” tackles insecurities, insane parents, friendship, and love with an eye towards avoiding overly flowery or jaded perspectives. Following new freshman Steven Karp, this college TV show mixes poignant moments with the hilarity that gets generated by newly independent men and women. The “Hell Week” episode covers the joy and pain of fraternity hazing, especially in the early morning elevator scene.

2. “Greek”

A bit heavier on the politics and drama in the Greek college life, “Greek” still manages to capture the demographics of college students from the poor to the rich, the stupid to the smart with a decent balance. There might be a bit more worrying about frat and sorority mixers and formals than you’d care to see, but in the end it’s worthy of killing a Monday morning when you’d just be hung over. “47 Hours & 11 Minutes” is that one episode that highlights the sheer effort a college student has to go through to keep his parents in the dark about true collegiate life.

3. “Community”.

An older student body fills out “Community” making for a bitter, sarcastic, and brilliantly jaded college TV show. Centered around a core group of seven, the setting allows for plenty of cameos and supporting characters to drop in and out, keeping the show filled with running gags and background storylines. The campus turns into one giant paintball fight in “A Fistful of Paintballs” providing some sweet action to this college TV comedy. Plus, Chevy Chase rules. Yeah, he does!

4. “Blue Mountain State”

Extracting out the serious to replace it with the weird and funny, “Blue Mountain State” is visceral fun set at a football loving college. Debauchery, drugs, and defensive lines combine to give you that perfect TV show to kill a day or two with. Harmon, the team’s kicker and easily the best character, tries to break his rut with new rituals in “Superstition” and it’s nothing but comedic perfection.

5. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Some monsters come in ten page paper form as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” heads to college in the fourth season. With time dutifully paid to both student life and slayer life, this college TV show is hellishly entertaining in and out of the classroom. “The Freshman” kicks off Buffy’s collegiate start, and true to form she does encounter some vampires, but the power of this episode lies in the isolation Buffy starts to feel in college. That's a feeling that most can relate to.

6. “Felicity”

A show perfect for soothing your overly-emotional frat brother or girlfriend, “Felicity” is a show that has more than its share of college drama and romance. Providing the perfect opportunity to tune out while still spending quality time with your friends who have ‘feelings’, this show gives you the time to do some paper revision behind your half-glazed eyes. The “Thanksgiving” episode does a good job of tackling that first holiday away from parents as new traditions are made and old traditions try to assert themselves.