9 Stinkers That Prove ‘Romancing The Stone: The Series’ Is A Bad Idea

Wednesday, August 31 by

3. Parenthood

Parenthood (the film) was marketed largely as a family comedy, but offered a surprisingly intense look at an extended family when it was released in 1989. The film had a pretty strong ensemble cast, featuring Steve Martin, Keanu Reeves, Dianne “Smokey” Weist, Rick Moranis, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jason Robards.

21 years later, the film was adapted as an hour-long dramedy featuring Peter Krause (that’s good), Dax Shepard (that’s bad), Lauren Graham (neither good nor bad), Erika Christensen (good-ish), Mae Whitman (“Ann”/”Egg” from Arrested Development; that’s very good), and Craig T. Nelson (*fart*). It’s an innocuous enough show, but it’s just so boring that I’m not sure it can keep my interest enough to complete this dumb sentence. Hey. I made it!

2. Teen Wolf

“Wolves are kind of like vampires, and vampire movies were pretty popular two or three years ago. And someone made a movie about werewolves 26 years ago, so we could turn that really old show into a show that’s sort of like something teenagers used to like a few years ago, and it won’t be that hard and maybe we can all make some money.”

That’s how I imagine the pitch for Teen Wolf the series going at MTV studios about 10 months ago. The new TV adaptation is darker and stars a guy that is much better-looking than Michael J. Fox, but not even 6% as cool. This character also didn’t inherit the condition, but was infected after a wolf attack. Also, he’s gotta fight people that inherently hate werewolves. I’d like to stop talking about the new Teen Wolf TV show now if that’s OK.

1. Baby Talk

Remember Look Who’s Talking, that movie about the babies whose minds you could read? Well, ABC though it was such a good idea that people would tune into their station every week to say what those wacky babies would say next. How many child labor laws do you think were broken on the set of this TV show, which ran from March 1991 to Mat 1992?

While the baby (originally “Mikey” voiced by Bruce Willis, now “Mickey” voiced by Tony Danza) was still the star of the show, the show also starred George Clooney, who didn’t play a baby, but rather a construction worker. And Scott Baio was running around there somewhere. He could have played a baby. With his dramatic range, he can play anything.

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