9 Stinkers That Prove ‘Romancing The Stone: The Series’ Is A Bad Idea

Wednesday, August 31 by

6. My Big Fat Greek Life

Just because people like a concept in one medium doesn’t mean they’ll be so quick to scoop it up in another. For instance, Nia Vardalos’ Tom Hanks-produced My Big Fa Greek Wedding served as the benchmark to which all other indie sleeper hits could be compared, grossing over $241 million in theaters.

However, audiences thought that 95 minutes was just about the right amount of time to spend with all those Greek folks, and the show was canceled after seven episodes.

5. Dirty Dancing

What’s interesting about this show? Hmmm. The role of Baby, originally played by Jennifer Grey, was reprised by Melora Hardin, who made a name for herself recently as The Office’s Jan. The show only ran for 11 episodes, a run that almost certainly would have been shorter had the producers not been able to snag that awesome “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” song. Yup, that was actually a stand-alone song before Black Eyed Peas co-opted it for “Dirty Bit.”

4. Weird Science

I completely forgot this show existed, which is impressive, considering it ran for four seasons, making it the king of this list in terms of duration. The show followed the same duo (albeit played by new actors) doing pretty much the same stuff the two did in the film, just a lot more frequently. You know, like “every week” instead of  “once.”

Lisa is played by Vanessa Angel, who played a similar muse-type character in Kingpin, a much funnier project. Wyatt’s sadistic older brother Chet is played by Lee Tergesen, who, years later would get his karmic comeuppance for playing such a jerk by playing the oft-raped Tobias Beecher in the HBO prison series OZ. John Hughes had nothing to with the series, which becomes evident after about seven minutes of viewing.

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