RIP: A Tribute Ian Abercrombie (A.K.A. Mr. Pitt From ‘Seinfeld’)

Monday, January 30 by

Socks – “The Chaperone”

Why can’t Elaine go to Atlantic City? Because she has to help Mr. Pitt try on socks in her first of many thankless duties as his newly-betrothed assistant. These scene does a phenomenal job of portending the relationship between Justin Pitt and Elaine. He’s a crazy, high-maintenance old man, and she’s an egocentric misanthrope. Watch the sparks fly!

The Magic Eye Painting – “The Gymnast”

Mr. Pitt, being the delightful kook that he is, obsesses over a Magic Eye painting, much to Elaine’s frustration. Mr. Pitt spends three days staring at the painting, to no avail (a similar event takes place in Mallrats). Elaine eventually can’t take any more and storms in, snapping the painting out of rage.

And that about sums up the relationships between Elaine and Mr. Pitt. Everything that interests him annoys the hell out of her.

Welcome to Seinfeld.

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