Old Spice commercials are an excellent blend of humor and pizzazz as the deodorant in order to drive sales and prove which brand is the best. These advertising campaigns target many people with effective style and creativity. The product of Old Spice has been around for many years and the importance to stay relevant and appeal to a new generation are important to their brand. TV ads have utilized a sense of maturity and manliness to associate themselves as more sophisticated than the other deodorants out there in the market today. Commercials for Old Spice push the envelope to take their name to the next level and attract people to their own line of sweet scented line for great success.

Featuring Isaiah Mustafa. The actor is dubbed the "Old Spice Guy" to many for the Emmy award winning ad campaign. His chiseled physique tells the ladies to make comparisons of their mates in a series of romantic and comedic montages. The deodorant company definitely upped their profile with a new generation of customers with these commercials.

Featuring Brian Urlacher. The Chicago Bears linebacker took a spin in commercials showing a before and after swagger series. Here showed him as a geeky child in front of the cool kids who laughed at his cheesy knight costume. With Old Spice, Brian Urlacher got his swagger on and now has the last laugh against the mean bullies years ago.

Featuring Bruce Campbell. The B-movie King takes his charisma to their series of commercials to show off the suave side of Old Spice. A piano and a fireplace with hot women surround the actor as he spouts the greatness of the brand. Bruce Campbell definitely channels his inner Hugh Hefner as he plugs the male freshner.

Featuring Ray Lewis. Another NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens takes his take no prisoners attitude to these commercials. The genre bending series shows Old Spice's body wash as tough enough for any manly man to use. Ray Lewis never lets his guard down when he pronounces the awesome power of the product to male viewers.