Objection! 11 Insane Local Law Firm Commercials

Tuesday, January 31 by

Jim Adler & Associates

Jim Adler is another attorney who claims to have harnessed the power of the hammer. However, his is more localized. The Texas Hammer sounds like the western spin-off to Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley, if they were both comic book titles. However, he is not a comic book. He is a guy… a guy whose customers really endorse him. As one young woman testifies, “In a dog fight, the Hammer doesn’t just growl or bark, HE BITES BACK!!” Extra points for making this ad look like a DMX video.

Pistotnick Law Offices

And then there are those who actually use a hammer.

Ever want to see a middle-aged lawyer (and probably someone’s dad) use a giant hammer to bash in the head of a cartoon gremlin? Well, what are you waiting for? The above video has exactly that.

Savannah GA Bankruptcy Lawyers

Nothing to see here. Just your run-of-the-mill commercial using uplifting music and stock images. Until… this guy.

How in the world did this make it onto film, let alone into a commercial? It’s startlingly jarring. Joss Whedon fans may notice a certain resemblance.

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