Objection! 11 Insane Local Law Firm Commercials

Tuesday, January 31 by

Brown & Crouppen

“These aren’t actors. These are real Brown & Crouppen lawyers.” Thanks but I didn’t need that disclaimer at the top. And that’s not exactly a diss against this ad from the Missouri-based law firm. With dialogue and direction on par with CSI, it think it makes it all the more awesome that the ad is acted by the firm‘s actual lawyers.

Here they are at it again. So dramatic. If these guys had their own procedural I would watch it so hard. Adult Swim and FX, I’m looking in your direction.

Todd L. Levitt, PC

Holy god in heaven. The actors at the top of this clip look exactly like the supporting characters from Beavis and Butthead. I’ll prove it.

And if you were thinking Florida, you’re way off. Long Island, New York. A player has entered the game.

Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley

Many lawyers claim to be “The Hammer,” but Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley really seems like he can back it up. Insurance companies know him well because he is the hammer, and they are the nails. He hammers them nearly everyday and he’ll hammer for you if you just call him.

It was this or a career in porn.

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