Objection! 11 Insane Local Law Firm Commercials

Tuesday, January 31 by
Not Ron Rifkin. 

All of my experience with the legal system comes from repeated viewings of Pauly Shore‘s Jury Duty, so I probably wouldn’t be the best one to choose a lawyer. For instance, have a look at these commercials for local law firms. They run the gamut of terrible to so terrible that they’re amazing. Each has its own unique charm, and watching all of them is highly encouraged. They’re much better than Jury Duty.

Rock n’ Roll Attorney David Komie

The dreadlocked man you see shredding the guitar in the video above is Rock n’ Roll Attorney David Komie, the attorney that rocks. I can’t really speak to his credentials when it comes to personal injury cases or his aggressiveness toward mesothelioma, but I can tell you that he knows a few chords and wears eyeliner. Not only does he offer free consultations but he can also help you score.

Leandros A. Vrionedes, PC

When you’re selecting the person most appropriate to represent you in a court of law you want someone proper and dignified. You also want their commercial to look like a really low budget Final Destination movie with narration by Michael Caine. That’s why you should choose New York’s Leandros A. Vrionedes, PC. He can make sense of it all.

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