Nine Creepier Than Creepy Episodes of ‘Law and Order: SVU’

Friday, September 30 by

“Rooftop” (Season 3)

A series of rapes just gets more and more violent in New York City’s African-American community. In an example of the false suspect being creepier than the real one, Elliot and Olivia are drawn to an HIV-positive ex-con with a penchant for spreading his bug around. This one will have you lying awake at night.

“Monogamy” (Season 3)

SVU is known for overdoing the whole “RIPPED FROM TODAY’S HEADLINES” thing, but here that’s not the only thing ripped out. A seven-months pregnant woman is found with her child primatively Cesarean sectioned out of her body. Watch John “Jack Tripper” Ritter playing the hard-as-nail perp who breaks when he finds out some unpleasant news about the paternity of the child in question.

“Denial” (Season 3)

Not sure what it is about season three of SVU, but much of the creepiness is concentrated around it. To wit, this heartwarming gem about a heroin addict rape victim. This is exactly the type of case Fin takes a special interest in. And without that avuncular influence, we’d never know the girl was carrying around a 13-year-old disembodied finger. Fewer things give us the willies than a girl with a body part in her purse… except maybe one older than cheap Scotch.

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