There were a number of new TV shows in 2010 in many genres and on many different networks. Some of these new TV shows ended up being better than others and some of them can't even be seen anymore. However, it's interesting to look at the shows that came out in 2010 and see which ones survived the cut of shows that were renewed for subsequent seasons and shows that were canceled before 2011 could roll around. Check out the list of new TV shows in 2010 and see which ones you like, wish were still around or think should have already been canceled.

  1. "Boardwalk Empire" HBO's newest big budget drama takes place at the dawn of the Roaring 20s in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The series opens right before alcohol is illegalized through prohibition, giving rise to true organized crime in America. This show spares no expense to be accurate to the time period, has outstanding lead actors in Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt, writers like Terence Winter who worked on "The Sopranos" and had the pilot directed by none other than Martin Scorcese. A series that has already been renewed for a second season and won the Golden Globe makes it a new TV show that is not to be missed from 2010.

  2. "Hawaii Five-O" For those who like mindless cop television that can be summed up in less then an hour, but also want to escape to Hawaii once a week, then the remake of the new TV show "Hawaii Five-O" is just your ticket. There is little to no originality here, but there are good looking people doing things on an island in the Pacific. Considering it was one of the most popular new TV shows of 2010 certainly makes it worth watch... right?

  3. "The Event" A new attempt to recreate the television phenomenon "Lost" happens again with "The Event," which almost instantly seems to be boring because of its broad and aimless title. The idea is to get us to tune in because some event happens obviously, but it evidently wasn't enough mystery to make most people watch it, which is why "The Event" was one of the least exciting new TV shows of 2010.

  4. "Running Wilde" This comedy on Fox had all the elements to make it a runaway success, as well as all the elements to make it a complete disaster. Will Arnett is one of the funniest actors working in television today and the creator and writer of this show, Mitchell Hurwitz, is the same creator and writer of the critically acclaimed and sadly canceled show "Arrested Development." However, something was terribly off about "Running Wilde" and this mess was almost instantly canceled after almost no one watched it, making it a new TV show disappointment in 2010.

  5. "No Ordinary Family" It seems like superhero shows have already been done to death, but "No Ordinary Family" still got a lot of attention when it came out. It told the story of a modern American family who realizes they have super powers. Like the excellent Pixar film "The Incredibles" except not animated or very good. The jury's still out on "No Ordinary Family" but it ended up being one of the more disappointing new TV shows of 2010.