And to think, he would still be in jail for the 1993 murder of gang member Phillip Woldemariam if those charges had stuck, but no! Now he's America's most beloved weed smokin'-est, b*tch f*ckin'-est, snitch throat-slashin'-est sitcom star.

Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg (Doggy Dogg, Doggy Dog) has teamed up with My Wife and Kids creator Don Reo to play the patriarch of a family in a multi-camera sitcom. This will follow E'!'s reality show Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, which shined the light on Snoop Dogg's domestic life with his wife and three kids.

Only three kids? That doesn't sound right.

Snoop's music career has curtailed to the point where he is teetering on the verge of becoming a novelty act, so the transition to acting is a natural one, in the vein of Ice Cube and other rappers whose musical career seemed to have hit an expiration date.

On this show, I'm sure he'll be telling jimmy jokes about our mamas that we ALL like!