Midseason Shows Of 2012: Which Ones Won’t Suck?

Wednesday, January 4 by

The Finder – January 12th

Premiering January 12th on Fox, The Finder is the fun younger brother show to Bones. More playful in tone, its style seems cribbed from the original USA crime shows. Geoff Stults stars as an eccentric investigator with a talent for finding lost things. A hot chick is along for the ride and Michael Clarke Duncan is there to punch things as needed. Terrible title, but it seems like there could be a fun show in there. I really like punching.

Alcatraz – January 16h

The concept of Alcatraz is alluring. Fifty years ago, all of the prisoners and guards on Alcatraz vanished, only to return in the modern day to begin wreaking havoc on San Francisco. It’s kind of like The 4400 without superpowers and miracle children. It’s from J.J. Abrams, so you know it’s going to be a frustrating slow-burn that might fizzle in the end rather than explode. There are also reports that the pilot episode was heavily reworked based off tough initial feedback. I’m hoping it doesn’t suck. We’ll need to wait to January 16th to find out.

Touch – Preview January 25th

Keifer Sutherland returns to Fox with Tim Kring’s Touch. The science fiction series combines fantasy and mystery, a combination that Kring pulled off really well for the first season of Heroes. Then there were the other seasons….

Sutherland plays the father of a boy believed to be autistic. However, his son actually possesses the ability to work out what the future holds by analyzing the exchange of electrical and biological energies. Essentially, it’s Kiefer Sutherland trying to prevent the end of the world again, but this time, the enemy isn’t political. It’s Mother Nature. I’m not too worried about a drop off in quality on the part of Kring. Sutherland is pretty hands on in his television work and he wouldn’t settle for that. He’d likely put an axe in Kring’s chest if the writing went downhill, which would make Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre look like total pussies. Previews January 25th before officially premiering in March.

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